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Drive Healthy Without Back Pain

back pain exercise

Driving and back pain are often equal. Since driving needs you to sit in one actual position for long intervals of time, you are all likely to experience agony in the back. However, not always. There are 1 or 2 straightforward pointers that would help you to keep well away from it.

The premier vital thing is the sitting posture. You need to be certain that you sit straight while driving and don't slouch. You'll find that some drivers, with rounded back or shoulders, wish to bend their head forward. This is a completely incorrect position. This will cause rigidity and can even lead directly to severe back stiffness and even sciatica. Your sitting posture should be such that your tailbone gets as elongated as practical.

2nd thing that demands your attention is the position of your auto seat. It has been noted that many drivers don't care much about it. But, if you've got to drive regularly or for a long time period, the auto seat should supply you maximum comfort. Do ensure that your legs get enough space to stretch.

You could forestall sciatica or any other type of back stiffness by practicing some stretching exercises before you start driving. Simple stretches concentrated on your back will do you a lot of good. One such stretch is as follows- Hold your waist with both the hands and bend backwards as much as you can. Now, bend forward as much as possible. Practice both backward and forward, alternatively, 5 times each.

It is also suggested to do stretching exercise after each One hour of drive! This advice comes convenient when you are on a long trip. You should try switching the driver each hour and if this is not possible then take a break at least. Do some back exercise when you move out of the automobile because sitting in the same position causes muscle problems.

You can even get some support for your lower back in case you suffer from back stiffness while driving. Utilise a cushion or a towel behind the back in a fashion that it supports your back. These things are highly recommended for those suffering from sciatica or any other back stiffness. And better would be to avoid driving in a case of that kind, if feasible!

These are some simple, workable and handy advice to help you drive healthy- without back stiffness!


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